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I created my first website with FrontPage 97 in 1997. I have learned a lot since then, and you get the benefit of my experience.

The three major components to a successful online business are:

            *An Offerthat produces small, medium and large commissions. You will want to sell Subscription Products also, so you receive monthly commissions (just like your insurance agent)

           *TrafficFree Traffic and Paid traffic

           *A Systema platform that delivers content to the internet and organizes the Offer and Traffic. Let your   System make money for you, instead of going out your front door everyday to make money in person, like you do currently. Can you see yourself enjoying a system like this?

What if there was a new ”Wealth Transfer” about to happen? The sound of a new trend is going off nationally, and you could position yourself in front of it….of course, it takes a very special individual to fully appreciate the value of being in front of a developing trend.

What if you were one of the people that positioned themselves ahead of the “Baby Boomer” trends, and became wealthy…Gerber Baby Food, Mattel Toys, Schwinn Bicycles, Muscle Cars of the 60′s & 70′s, Real Estate of the 80′s & 90′s, and now Retirement products?

 We are offering Joint Venture/Affiliate Sales Commissions of:

$25 per month Subscription Commission…Paid every Month

$100 per month Subscription Commission…Paid every Month

$500 one time Commission

$1,000 one time Commission

$3,000 one time Commission

Fear, New Health Insurance Laws, Inflation and Financial Uncertainty are creating new Opportunities. Watch the Video Series and hear the one thing that could make this new trend profitable for you and your family….

Remember there were more millionaires created during the “Great Depression”

than any other time period.

You Can Position Yourself “In Front of the Wave”

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New Health Care Laws…..Don’t Get Mad, Get Rich

The Fact is, the “Affordable Care Act” is one of the single biggest wealth creation opportunities to hit the United States in Decades.


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** PS…Thank You for taking the time to review this website. We don’t want you to struggle anymore. Here is a list of 7 Books to help you in your marketing efforts….

1. Words that Sell by Richard Bayan

2. More Words that Sell by Richard Bayan

3. Phrases that Sell by Edward Werz & Sally Germain

4. Buy-Ology by Martin Lindstrom

5. BrainFluence by Roger Dooley

6. Neuro Marketing by Patrick Renvoise

7. The Science of Influence by Kevin Hogan


Valerie and Roy Wingate

Team Retired Extremely Dangerous

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